Stainless steel Railings

Modern Architecture works with Design, Safety and easy of mounting.

Stainless Steel Handrail With Glass:

Stainless steel Railingsis a range of handrailing components designed with simplicity of use in mind. This stainless steel handrail with glass and stainless steel balustrade systemconsists of over 1000 components, allowing for the quick installation of complex and attractive stainless steel handrail with glass railings and balustrade systems; simply cut then glue or screw to create a clean and contemporary look, giving you professional results every time. It is available in stainless 304 for internal installations and stainless 316 for exterior handrails or balustrades, and comes either in a brushed steel or mirror polished finish.

We also offer a range of infill solutions, from stocked round bars to perforated metal panels, expanded metal panels and wire mesh, all supplied to your specification.We offer Stainless Steel Balustrades and stainless steel handrail with glass self locking systems that are easily assembled and installed and requires no welding or fabrication in either the assembly or installation processes! When we produce Stainless Steel Balustrades we utilize interference fit technology to create a modern aesthetic system that is rigid, robust and structurally sound. Stainless Steel Balustrades and stainless steel handrail with glass from Stainless Design are efficiently manufactured using automated processes to enable the production of products of consistently the highest quality at an affordable cost. stainless steel Railings post and stainless steel handrail with glass is designed to provide a user friendly solution for the most bespoke stainless steel balustrade requirements. The stylish modular system is available in a variety of contemporary infill solutions including glass, wire or rod; giving you complete freedom of design. Our satin finish and mirror polished product range include both 304 and 316 grade stainless steel balustrades b in 42.4mm and 48.3mm diameter tube or rectangular shape. Whether you require a stainless steel balustrades system and stainless steel handrail with glass for a residential or commercial project, we can offer a cost effective solution designed to meet your specific needs.


Integrated Infills

The flexibility of our system allows it to incorporate various infill’s such as toughened glass, horizontal and vertical wire rope or horizontal/vertical 12mm solid stainless steel bar. We also supply bespoke infill which can be discussed with our Sales Team.
Architectural Handrail & Balustrade


  • Material: Stainless Steel 304/316
  • Surface Treatment: Yes
  • Size: 38.1/42.4/50.8mm/Customized