Sliding Walls

Divide and partition rooms and flexibly adapt them to their respective use. The modular structure enables all different types of system elements to be used with different functions.

The curve technology and constantly guided roller carriage ensure excellent running characteristics and quiet operation, even for large leaves. They minimize the effort required to slide the glass elements.

The guided curve technology provides a high degree of sliding comfort especially for moving into the stacking area.

GEZE MSW is particular suitable for innovative all glass solutions in pretentious building projects.A flexible building block principle and the integration of panels with different functions offers architects and planners a wide scope of design for the realization of individual sliding walls. The sliding wall system MSW is conceived for hotels and congress halls, banks, shopping arcades, airports and much more. Very good running properties by using high-quality precision ball bearings for the carriage,silent operation, small energy expenditure when manual shifting the glass elements are pointed out.
• A maximum panel weight of 150 kg can be operated smoothly and with a minimum of noise due to the high quality precision ball bearings. The glass elements can be moved into the desired position with a minimum of effort.
• The panels are attached for the whole width of the element – at top and bottom – in carrier and clamping profiles. No drilling of the glass panels is required, eliminating the costs for drilling the glass and significantly reducing any associated causes for failure.
• GEZE MSW is an extremely installation-friendly system. The  casic  structural design, without the necessity for holes drilling into the glass, allows for a large range of tolerance. The carrier and clamping profiles can be pre-fitted in the works, allowing for a fast and error-free installation of the clamping profiles.
• Another advantage of the product is that the covers for carrier and clamping profiles can be clipped The covers can be clipped on after installation has been completed. This gives added protection of the surfaces against damage and scratching during installation. If there is any damage at a later point, the profiles can be easily and swiftly replaced.
• The parking area for the divider elements can be arranged in parallel, 900 to the sliding axis or as a special parking recess.
• The selection of different surfaces and colours  available  provides architects and designers a good  range of design options. The manual sliding wall system GEZE MSW fits well into the overall design of buildings of any style.
Technical details
Technical data of the manual sliding wall GEZE MSW:
• max. clear passage height 3500 mm
• max. panel width 1500 mm
• max. panel weight
up to100 kg with single carriage
up to 150 kg with double carriage
The parking area for the divider elements can be arranged in parallel, at 900 to the sliding axis or as a special parking recess. All parking spaces can be designed with or without parking space screens, i.e. both double tracks as well as single tracks can be used.The surfaces of the running track have a standard
Anodized  aluminium finish in the colour EV1. When using a double running track it is also possible to use different types of anodized  finish as well as powder coating in RAL colours. The geometry of the running tracks of the GEZE MSW manual sliding wall can be arranged  straight in a continous curve or  polygonally  .The glass panels of the GEZE MSW manual sliding