Salamander bluEvolution 82

bluEvolution 82 is the clever combination of two sealing varieties combined in one profile system.The innovative system is made up of both the outside rebate gasket (AD) together with an additional central rebate gasket (MD) for even better insulation features.

bluEvolution 82  adds a completely new dimension to the concept of energy conservation. The use of a central gasket in the frame further improves the thermal and acoustic performance properties of your windows. Moreover, the sophisticated sealing system provides reliable protection against the effects of weather and makes your home luxuriously comfortable at any time of year.

Systems of the future from the house of Salamander: bluEvolution profile series with a construction depth of 82 mm. It combines superior energy conservation with innovative sealing technology at the highest level and is ideally suited as a component for passive houses. Heat losses are reduced by the use of these specially optimised frame and casement designs with a thermally improved edge seal in conjunction with an insulating triple glazing. And that saves you money!


/// Elegant and classic profile design, constructed in Germany

/// Installation depth of 82 mm for use in new builds and renovation

/// Glazing possibilities of up to 52 mm. The use of all customary insulating glass panes for heat and noise insulation as well as burglar resistance. By applying adhe- sive tape glazing strengths of up to 54 mm are possible

/// 100% recyclable

/// Deeper mounting of pane for optimized heat insulation

///Additional internal sec- tions in the external overlap counteract the thermal load in the frame and sash

/// Safe load bearing even with heavy glass through large steel reinforcements

/// 6 profile chambers in frame and sash ensure outstanding heat and noise insulation: Uf-value of 1.0 W/(m2K) in the central gasket variety (MD) and 1.1 W/(m2K) in the outside gasket (AD) implementation

/// Central and outside gaskets combinable in one system. The optional central gasket improves the thermal and acoustic features of the windows even more

/// Safe fitting attachment  through additional screw pins

/// Large dimensioned prechamber areas for high thermal stability and optimal drainage

/// Resource-efficient through only using PVC when required

/// 6-chamber profile

/// Stopper gasket

/// Construction depth: 82 mm

/// Up to Uw = 0.77 W/(m2K)

/// Glazing: up to 52 mm with adhesive tape adhesion up to 54 mm

/// Sound insulation: up to 46 dB

/// Burglary resistance class 2

/// Areas of application: Side and bottom hung windows, tilt and turn windows, entrance doors, side entrance doors and parallel tilt and slide doors