Ideal 8000

The system IDEAL 8000 is a new offer from Aluplast, in which emphasis was placed on the reduction of thermal and acoustic parameters.

ideal 8000

This was possible by increasing depth up to 85 mm profiles, and increasing the number of chambers in the steel profiles. In this system, thanks to the expansion of the window, there is a possibility of energy-efficient glazing to a width of 51 mm, which allows to create windows with very low thermal transmittance. Thanks to the release of the third seal in the dry box so that the fitting work, increases the life and durability of the mechanism.

Profile IDEAL 8000 is also marked by an unusual “design”, which allows you to achieve the original architectural solutions. This is the line for people who appreciate freedom of choice, that combines with each other aesthetic values with technological requirements. A wide range of decorative foils and aluminium overlay system make it possible to obtain practically any colour of windows.

Advantages of IDEAL 8000:

  • 85 mm depth;
  • profile with 6 chambers;
  • possibility of glazing to a width of 51 mm;
  • thermal conductivity coefficient of profiles Uf = 1,0 W/m2K;
  • central sealing system equipped with three seals;
  • double design variant in the window sash;
  • large adhesive surfaces between glass and profile;
  • better thermal insulation in relation to traditional solutions;
  • increased protection from break-in in the area of the glass joint;
  • secure bond between glass pane unit and sash prevents the sash profile from moving in relation to the glass;
  • better sound insulation via direct connection of glass with sash.