After more than 100 years of success, Gretsch­Unitas is one of the leading suppliers of window and door technology, automatic entrance systems and building management systems.

Here you will not only find an unrivalled selection of products ranging from window hardware for singlefamily homes through to complex building management systems this is also the right place if you need a system supplier for timber elements or CE certification.

At GU you get everything you need to move or secure windows and balconydoors. For any window opening method, regardless of the frame material. You will also find all relevant accessories and, as a matter of course, our tried and trusted services.

In order to provide for comfortable and secure door func­tions, the GU group offers everything to ensure the smooth and troublefree inter­play between functional components: a broad selection of products, technical innovations, excellent quality and comprehensive services.

Secu­rity and price attractiveness do not exclude each other: GU manuallocking multipoint locking sys­tems for aluminium or PVC narrow stile doors offer you both. You can choose between the lock variants MR bolt, SH bolt, roller cam or a combination of these, depending on the particular installation situation and the type of profile. Whether key operated or handle operated, GU offers a multitude of locking combinations of either version, thus covering all kinds of applications. The locking variants with MR bolt and SH bolt are proof against being sawn through in accordance with the appropriate SKG directives.