Alumil Smart Entrance Doors

Smart Entrance Doors by Alumil, in the context of the customer driven philosophy that Alumil Group embraces, along with our constant product range development according to market needs, present the new Aluminium Entrance Door Series, SMART.

Smart Doors, constitute the realization of ALUMIL SUPREME SD95 system, as a ready-to-install,

final product, produced by Interno Dooors and reassuring at the same time that all specifications and

technology is met to full extend, in numerous designs, typologies and surface finishes.

The range of SMART Doors is divided into 4 categories (SMART Ι, L, G & FG), where each category

offers numerous design and decorative solutions, in accordance with individual project needs. In

addition, the system allows for further customization options in terms of designs and colors, as well as upgrading to higher technology equipment.

The new doors of Interno Business Unit, are definitely a SMART choice to make for your residence or

commercial space.

The coplanar surfaces between wall – frame and sash, characterize the system, offering pure clean lines, which provide elegance and functionality at the same time. State of the art accessories guarantee security and performance under any conditions.

The system uses special anti-distortion polyamides that provide thermal break to the system, which in combination with the polyurethane core achieve optimal thermal insulation. In addition, the polyamides minimize the operational problems and accommodate the defl ection of the door due to the temperature diff erence between inside and outside

3-level sealing, with the use of specially designed EPDM rubber gaskets with continuous central gasket at the door’s sash off ers a high level air tightness, waterproofi ng and insulation

Low threshold that provides easy access to and from the interior, suitable for people with disabilities

Standard automatic 5-point lock, also available with an electromagnetic lock version. Feel free to select the lock type and the access control system that suits your needs either through a ‘fi nger scanner’ or via a wireless digital keyboard.


frame profi le width: 95 mm

sash profi le width: 95 mm

aluminium sheet thickness: 3mm

special anti-distortion glass reinforced polyamides, 34mm, with polyurethane core

continuous central gasket

standard 5-point automatic lock

concealed hinges 3-way adjustable

co-planarity between frame and sash

special 22mm threshold

integrated recessed external handle

CE certification

heat transfer co-effi cient – Uf up to 1,50 W/m2K

heat transfer co-effi cient, sash – Ud

3 levels of waterproofi ng (3 gaskets)

air tightness: Class 3 (IFT Rosenheim)

water tightness: Class 1Α (IFT Rosenheim)

resistance to wind load: C5 (IFT Rosenheim)

security level (Anti-burglary): RC3 (IFT Rosenheim)

sound proofi ng up to 34dB