Alumil S560

S560 uses a special glazing support which is an aluminium profile accessory that fits on the bottom part of the sash. This way, the glazing unit is stabilized perfectly on the sash.

Chambered polyamide profiles are used both for the track profile and the interlocking point   Two sashes are available, one small one for the 90 kg and 150 kg hardware and one bigger one for the 300kg hardware. The bigger sash is only installed on the bottom part of the sash, the other 3 parts of the sash are fabricated with the smaller sash. This also creates a nice view of a bigger sturdier profile on the bottom.Two types of glazing beads are used, one for powder coating and one for anodizing. Also the S450 glazing bead can be used, thus increasing the glazing width up to 37mm

Profile Characteristics :

Frame height : 114,5 mm

Sash width : 56 mm

Minimum visible height of construction : 122,7 mm

Sash mechanism weight limit : 150 Kg

Maximum glass thickness : 37 mm

Cross section thickness : up to 1,6

Type of system : Insulated

Exterior aesthetics : FlatSliding

Type : Lift- Slide

Type of thermal insulation : 37 mm polyamide