Alumil M11000

M11000 is a versatile system for any kind of thermal insulated doors and windows, which can meet the most demanding needs, thanks to the large range of solutions and profiles.


The system can create all kind of typologies regarding hinged frames and offers the following benefits:  Variety of designs (flat, curved, inclined, classic) and alternativesfor every need of architectural design with a vast collection of profiles  Concealed window typologies (single and double) for more natural lighting.  Both European groove and PVC groove hardware can be applied WK 3 anti-burglar protection  Special profiles available for any typology of entrance doors.  Pivot windows typology

Frame depth – 62,5 mm

Sash depth – 70 mmUf – from 2,1 up to 3,1 W/m2K

Minimum visible face width – 86 mm

Minimum visible width (Τ-profile) – 70 mm

Sash mechanism weight limit – 130 kg

Glass thickness – up to 44 mm

Cross section thickness – 1,1 – 1,6